Itchy & Scratchy Comics

    (Bongo, 1993)
©1993 Bongo Entertainment. The Simpsons © and ™ Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

“The mouse is called Itchy, the cat is Scratchy. They don’t like each other, and they’re not shy about showing it!”

Itchy & Scratchy is a devilish takeoff on the old Tom & Jerry cartoons. As a cartoon within a cartoon (they’re comic character Bart Simpson’s favorite cartoon show), it has, until now, been limited to 30-second, hyper-violent appearances on the Simpsons’ television set. Now the pair is free to smash, electrocute, explode, and otherwise mutilate each other in extended form. Anti-violence watchdogs beware: Itchy & Scratchy is hilarious exactly because of its senseless mayhem.

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8 copies available from $2.25
 Includes posterSteve VanceMike Milo, Steve Vance


5 copies available from $1.75
 ca. 1993Dan Castellaneta, Deb LacustaBill Morrison, Steve Vance


5 copies available from $1.00
 Includes decoder screenHarry McLaughlin, Mike Milo, Steve VanceHarry McLaughlin, Mike Milo, Steve Vance

Holiday Special #1

5 copies available from $3.25
 Itchy & Scratchy Holiday Hi-Jinx Special; ca. 1994Jason GrodeBill Morrison, Stephanie Gladden