Captain Paragon and the Sentinels of Justice

    (AC, 1985)
ô Americomics, ©1985 AC Comics
Series continued in Sentinels of Justice (1st Series) #6

This super-team is headed by Captain Paragon, a hero of the 1950s who was left in suspended animation following a battle with the Black Shroud. He was revived in the 1980s by a group of alien women from the planet Rur, where he aided in their struggle against the Kronon warriors. One of the Rur women, Mara, siphoned off part of Paragonís power charge to become a super-hero herself known as Stardust.

Eventually, both Paragon and Stardust returned to Earth. There, they found Earth itself assailed by another race of aliens led by Vardax Prime and his human cohorts. To stop them, they joined forces with Commando D, his youthful friend Denny Brant, as well as the Scarlet Scorpion, and Nightveil. Together, they became a new group of heroes known as the Sentinels of Justice.

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Origin of Commando D (Kon-Nor); ca. 1985Dan St. John, Greg Guler, Bill BlackGreg Guler


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ca. 1985Dan St. John, Greg Guler, Burson FoucheGordon Purcell, Greg Guler


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ca. 1985Bill Black, Kevin DzubanErik Larsen, Kevin Dzuban


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ca. 1985Bill BlackErik Larsen, Mike Machlan


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Origin of Latigo Kid; ca. 1985Bill BlackErik Larsen, Bill Black