Paradise X: A

    (Marvel, 2003)
™ and © Marvel Entertainment Group

A tale leading up to the final conclusion of Marvel’s epic Paradise X saga. The being once known as Loki has hopes of creating another group of heroes, as he had done with the original Avengers (they never would have formed without his “help”, would they?). Together with the Black Knight, son of Black Bolt, and Reject, last of the Deviants, he hopes to save the people of Earth with the three of them providing the inspirational core group. Meanwhile, Mar-vell offers Steve Rogers the ultimate power to lead Paradise. And as if things weren’t complicated enough, the Kree have invaded the heart of the Negative Zone and are claiming all creation under their control by the only power to now command the cosmic consciousness, the Kree Supreme Intelligence. Is Reed Richards really dead or are there more surprises to come in Paradise X: Z?

— Ronald L Black

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 Jim Krueger, Alex RossDoug Braithwaite