Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check

 SIHC   (Tavicat, 1995-1996)

™ and ©1996 Rosearik Rikki & Tavisha Wolfgarth

Collin Meeks is just an average kid in 2012 Los Angeles. His concerns hang between his “bottom of the gene pool” family and the True Virtual Reality unit that just came for him in the mail. But Collin’s attempt to share his interest in science with his family by creating their perfect virtual realities for them only confirms his previous fears about them.

Then comes the fateful night when his cat, Catreece, curls up for a nap in the VR helmet. Collin comes back to his room to discover she has created her own ideal virtual reality. When he joins her, he must decide which is more unsettling—that she now has a curvaceous feminine body, or that she is the one who has been watching his videos of classic musicals during the day!

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