(Dell, 1966-1967)
™ and ©1967 Dell Publishing Co.

Werewolf was a short-lived and misguided effort by Dell Publishing, known for their Disney funny animal and movie tie-in comics, to enter the arena of action/adventure and super-hero comics during the mid-1960s. Werewolf is the code-name for Wiley Wolf, an Air Force pilot presumed dead in a crash, who starts a new life as a super-secret, undercover operative for the CIA. Along with his pet wolf Thor, the black-clad Werewolf plunged headlong into a James Bond-style world of international intrigue and espionage, and tackled villainous Commie agents of Moscow and Red China. Werewolf’s convoluted adventures lasted for three issues.

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1st Appearance of Werewolf (Wiley Wolf); 1st Appearance of Judy Bowman; Origin of Werewolf (Wiley Wolf)Don ArnesonSam Glanzman, Bill Fraccio


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2nd Appearance of Werewolf (Wiley Wolf); 2nd Appearance of Judy Bowman Tony Tallarico


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Origin of Werewolf (Wiley Wolf) retold; Final issue Bill Fracchio