Air Raiders

 AIRR   (Star, 1987-1988)

and 1987 Hasbro, Inc.

On a far-off, technologically advanced world called Airlandia, air is more precious than gold. A ruthless ruler, Aerozar, and his Tyrants of the Wind control it all. The subjects of Airlandia have to give much of their air in tribute to Aerozar, and whatever surplus air they may have, they can only sell to the government-controlled air distributors at a price that barely covers its cost.

The only opposition the government faces, the only hope the Airlandians have of breathing their own air for free comes from a daring leader named Rokk and his rebels, the Air Raiders. From their free air farm they take air to the impoverished and thwart the Tyrants of the Wind at almost every turn.

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