Decimation: House of M—The Day After

    (Marvel, 2006)
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At the end of the House of M miniseries, the reality-warping powers of the Scarlet Witch had a dramatic effect on the world, greatly reducing the number of mutants by stripping them of their powers. So when this title opens with the mutant known as the “Blob” finding himself an ordinary human, it serves as a reminder that the Marvel Universe will never be the same. Now many former mutants live a hellish existence, and both those who have lost their powers (e.g., Iceman), and those who still have them (most of the X-Men) are forced to pick up the pieces. Where is Charles Xavier? How can the suddenly powerless children be helped, or protected? And what to do with the towering Sentinels currently stalking around the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning?

This comic is written by legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont and drawn by Randy Green, and it deals with a world much scarier than anyone, humans or mutants, could have imagined before House of M.

— Andy Richardson

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

According to this snapshot, not a pleasant one for either former mutants (including some of the X-Men) or those untouched by The Scarlet Witch’s diminution of mutantkind’s numbers.

Chris Claremont’s story in this one-shot convincingly portrays the consequences of “House of M” around the Marvel universe, setting the stage from a chillingly illustrated opening scene featuring one of The X-Men’s oldest adversaries, The Blob—now without his mutant powers but still with the yards of extra skin that held his girth. Former mutants, many like The Blob who still have some kind of deformity, now find themselves as targets of those acting out of simple bigotry or fear that the mutants might regain their powers someday. As perhaps best exemplified by the squad of Sentinels now stationed at the Xavier Institute, the world is now a far more dangerous place for those remaining mutants—and, if this one-shot is any indication, a source of intriguing stories to come.

— George Nelson

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