Zephyr & Reginald

    (Dandelion, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Dandelion Studios

This 27-page story is called “The Untimely Demise of Cold Shoulder.” Zephyr and Reginald work for him building cold-related gadgets, while he tries to take over the world. When Nina, one of the other minions, quits and gets a job as a super-hero, Zephyr becomes worried. Ultimately, the minions are only out for themselves.

Z&R is amusing. The comedy unravels the story a little. You have to wonder why Cold Shoulder bothers to hire two guys who show him nothing but contempt. Why doesn’t he just kill them? Z&R are not incompetent but they play at it to achieve their goals.

The art is improved since the preview published a year ago, and artist Gynn Stella is improving. It’s comparable to Knights of the Dinner Table in terms of line work, but it has plenty of backgrounds and moving character designs: not bad for a first attempt at self-publishing. The team should broaden the concepts to other villains outside the world of super-heroes.

— Tony DiGerolamo

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