A Family Secret

    (Anne Frank House, 2006)
™ and © Anne Frank House

When Jeroen went looking for things to sell at the flea market, little did he dream he’d spend most of the day pouring over artifacts from World War Two and hearing his grandmother’s first hand account of life in Holland during the German occupation.

Grandmother Helena’s best friend back then had been Esther, a young girl who’s family had been forced to leave Germany because of the Jewish persecution. Slowly, Helena’s family became torn apart by conflicting alliances. Her father, a police officer, was slowly pulled into the Nazi propaganda and the desire to not cause trouble, while her brothers each went their different paths. One died fighting in Russia, the other delivering anti-Nazi propaganda. Through it all, Helena did what she could to help people.

Eric Heuvel has crafted a story interwoven with historical significance and family drama, showing what life for one family was like during a very trying time.

— Ron Black

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