Man-Bat (3rd Series)

    (DC, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics, Inc.

Man-Bat made his debut in Detective Comics #400 and has since been a recurring member of the Batman cast. In this three-issue mini-series, scientist Kirk Langstrom has completely succumbed to his bestial man-bat persona and has attracted the dangerous and antagonistic attention of one of Gotham City’s more zealous cops. Geneticists are being found murdered under unusual circumstances and the Man-Bat is a likely suspect.

Meanwhile Langstrom’s heartsick wife Francine struggles to give the remnants of her family some semblance of a normal life. Not an easy task, considering her daughter has nightmares about the Man-Bat and her infant son was born with a rare form of cancer, possibly the result of her and her husband’s work with genetically altered materials. Has Kirk Langstrom retreated so far into his feral identity to have become a vicious murderer, or is just a convenient scapegoat?

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