Digital Pimp Online 2005 Webcomic Preview

    (Digital Pimp Online, 2006)
™ and © Digital Pimp Online

This ashcan preview features the regular webcomic strips of Digital Pimp Online. They include Free Lunch (updated Sundays), Retail Rage (updated Mondays), Matriculated (updated Wednesdays), Fish Tank Tango (updated Fridays), and Joe Loves Crappy Movies (updated about 10 times a month). Free Lunch features the adventures of an annoying food critic. Retail Rage concerns working in retail. Matriculated involves the lives of a group of college students. Fish Tank Tango deals with a group of peope who work at an aquarium store. And, finally, Joe Loves Crappy Movies is about Joe—who loves going to the movies.

All the strips are funny in their own way. Retail Rage just began in 2005, so the rage hasn’t quite reached the boiling point yet. Since Joe Loves Crappy Movies, it’s a chance to satirize the entertainment industry.

The Digital Pimp guys have been making comics for a couple of years and they quickly found their niche on the web. Click today!

— Tony DiGerolamo

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