(Seven Seas, 2006)
™ and © 2004 Lady Yeates

Written and Illustrated by Lady Yates, EarthSong is a manga-inspired webcomic brought to print by Seven Seas Press. The first volume introduces readers to the very strange world of Earthsong, the war there, and the reason for it. (An incredibly elaborate explanation, involving sentient planets, their souls, the inadvertent transfer of portions of these souls to the beings who live on the planets, and interstellar teleportation all boils down a pretty strait-forward fight between good and evil super-powered aliens.)

Willow is the newest arrival, a pretty but timid young woman with absolutely no memory of her life before she came to the planet of Earthsong and no idea what her special power may be. Thrown in middle of the war, Willow will have to figure out, quickly, if she can trust the people around her and if she is going to join the fight.

— Jennifer McGinnis
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