Mutation (Vol. 2)

    (Markosia, 2006)
™ and © Markosia

Trent’s just your average blonde hunk with a model-cum-actress girlfriend, Casey. Of course, when your girlfriend’s such a catch, you’re bound to keep an eye out for men like Adrian, Casey’s director and aspiring replacement for Trent. It’s almost a relief for Trent to get ambushed by the otherworldly villain Voltag the Destroyer when he slips into his alter-ego of Mutation, Silver City’s greatest hero. A fierce and lengthy battle drops him at Casey’s feet, who’s a bit horrified to find her shopping spree interrupted by her boyfriend’s battered foe, though she seems to be aware of Trent’s secret identity.

Mutation seems to be focused on the personal, slice-of-life side of super-heroics, and how difficult relationships can be when your job is so demanding, but it dollops out a lot of explodey for such a book, and ends up a rather quick read. George Singley scripts and Ethen Beavers delivers a latter-day Bruce Timm/Michael Oeming sort of art style.

— Brendan McGinley

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#1 Variation A

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Cover A George T. SingleyEthen Beavers

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Cover B George T. SingleyEthen Beavers