Kana’s Island

    (One Room Hut, 2003)
™ and © 2003 Mark Page & One Room Hut

Kana is too young to go fishing with his father and brothers, but that doesn’t prevent him from wanting to have adventures of his own. Those adventures come easily when one lives on a largely unexplored island where people are warned away from the dangers that may lurk on the other side. Kana’s youthful curiosity, when combined with a mischievous frog, ensures he’ll find out what lies beyond Hoopa Koopa Mountain, one way or another.

Comic books are commonly described as being for children, but the vast majority of them skew slightly older. Many of the comics written for children, meanwhile, are too childish for adults to enjoy. This title, however, achieves its stated goal of being a “children’s book in the form of a comic.” The innocent adventures of island boy Kana are written and drawn with cartoony charm by Mark Page.

— Andy Richardson

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