Civil War: The Return

    (Marvel, 2007)

The Superhuman Registration Act has affected virtually every Marvel character, violently dividing friends, teams, and even families. Unfortunately, the introspective tales in this one-shot do very little to advance that Civil War storyline, and despite the dramatic title, provide very few surprises.

In the title story, a younger version of the long-dead Captain Marvel (the cover gives away the secret…) conveniently falls out of a hole in Time. Still destined to eventually die of cancer, but now sadly aware of it, CM’s reappearance and adjustment to this leads into a new ongoing series. This story does little beyond revealing the actual how of his return, which perhaps could have been better told in that series than here.

The backup story examines the Sentry’s reasons for complying with the Act, and putting himself under government control. Since his choice was seemingly covered in the New Avengers, there are, again, no surprises.

— Joseph Self

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 The Return of Captain MarvelPaul JenkinsTom Raney

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Variant Cover by Ed McguinnessThe Return of Captain MarvelPaul JenkinsTom Raney