The Unusual Suspects

    (Image, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Dan Wickline

It’s an anthology comic. It’s a benefit comic. It covers multiple genres and time periods. Yet it’s actually a good read. The Unusual Suspects is a one-shot special published to benefit The Hero Initiative, an organization set up to assist aging comic book creators in need. Framed around a writer and his friend talking in a diner, writer Dan Wickline leads readers through an imaginative mix of characters and worlds. As the writer describes some of his more outrageous recent ideas (with a skeptical waitress providing color), each story idea is illustrated by a different artist. And Wickline delivers some outrageous ideas. Murderous ex-presidents, a psychiatrist leading group therapy for monsters, clueless super-heroes, tough-guy aliens, and gun-toting Amish farmers are all represented in Wickline’s reserved, tongue-in-cheek style. A fun book for a worthwhile cause.

— Jerry Smith

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  Dan WicklineDavid Hedgecock, Dan Cooney, Nat Jones, Billy Martinez, Taki Soma, Josh Medors, Marat Mychaels, Rafael Navarro, Homeros Gilani, Ben Templesmith, Dietrich Smith, Butch Adams, Rich Stahnke, Mark Dos Santos, Tone Rodriguez, Chris Moreno