The Black Diamond Detective Agency

    (:01 First Second, 2007)
™ and © First Second

As small-town farmers in Missouri protest the freight rates for corn, someone takes advantage of the crowds by the train tracks and rigs an enormous explosion, killing dozens of civilians, and keeping the attention off of the theft of just one small safe. Evidence points to John Hardin, one of the instigators of the protest, and the police as well as the rail-road’s private Black Diamond Detective Agency are sure it’s an easy case when they capture him within a day. But John Hardin is more than he seems; he escapes and leads the authorities on a cross-country chase, directing them right to more evidence and the detritus of a very strange story. As the truth takes shape, a few members of the detective agency begin to wonder just how big this crime is, and who is really involved. Eddie Campbell draws this adaptation of a script by C. Gaby Mitchell.

— Jennifer McGinnis

:01 First Second gives us a sneak preview of the eagerly anticipated Eddie Campbell graphic novel with its 2007 submission to Free Comic Book Day. A terrorist has blown up a train in turn of the 20th Century Lebanon, Missouri. A shipment of Nitroglycerin was sent to a local man named John Hardin, making him the prime suspect. Only thing is, he didn’t do it. But the Black Diamond Detective Agency doesn’t care that Hardin might have been framed. They’re out to get their man at any cost.

— William Gatevackes

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June, 2007
1 copy available for $13.50
  Eddie Campbell, C. Gaby MitchellEddie Campbell

Free Comic Book Day #2007

1 copy available for $1.99
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