TMNT: The Collected Movie Books

    (Mirage, 2007)
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Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman probably had no idea when they threw masks on a bunch of turtles way back when that years later, those characters would still be starring in both film and comic book formats. But in 2007, the movie TMNT hit theatres, and along with it came the comic book adaptation, plus five different “prequel” comic books, focusing on each of the individual characters (Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and April). All six issues are collected here.

This black and white book features several different writers and artists, with the results being rather uneven. Fortunately for fans, both Laird and the series editor, Murphy (who wrote three of the stories), are on hand to make sure there’s a sense of continuity between all of them.

— Andy Richardson

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  Murphy, Jake Black, Bill MoulageFernando Pinto, Mr. Exes, Jim Lawson, Andres Ponce, Dario Brizuela, Diego Jourdan, Cristian Gonzalez, Juan Saavedra