Red Flags

 REDN   (Red Flags, 2007)

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The guys at Red Flags told me their series was named after the concept of a “red flag.” Let’s say you’re on a first date and your date says something overtly racist; that would be a red flag. Naturally, I thought the comic was about dating.

Turns out it’s actually trying to be a sort of modern Tales from the Crypt. The first story is about a kid that disappears. There is another about a modern incarnation of death.

The creators are off to a good start; for a dollar, you can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, the dating concept would have been stronger. Moreover, this is a series with a text feature: a page of script. (If your comic isn’t ready—especially your first comic book—don’t solicit it. Finish the whole thing first. And, if you’re thinking about putting a page of script in your comic book, don’t. It is never, ever interesting. Comic books are a visual medium. If you want words to be the focus, write a novel.)

Joe Willy’s art is functional but a little flat. Overall, not a bad first try.

— Tony DiGerolamo

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