24 Hour Comics All-Stars

 2HCS   (About, 2005)

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Anthologies and comics produced completely in 24 consecutive hours frequently have a quality cap on them, so its quite a nice surprise to see this collection of solid talent stepping up to the challenge. For one, note the shifts in the work that occur when the pressures on a creator: Dave Sims tale manages to be both gloomy and touching (in the immediate, good sense, not the Hallmark Channel schmaltz), Scott McCloud brings out his inner Bill Plympton for an odd but fun gallivant around town, and Chris Eliopoulos goes as far as memory recalls hes ever been in summoning Bill Watterson. David Celsi/Chelsea is still himself, albeit in a scratchier style, but where the heck has he been all this time? Now were hungry for more. Also, by rights one should be stunned by what Tone Rodriguez can draw in 24 hours. Just a fair warning.

Brendan McGinley

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B&W Scott McCloud, Tone Rodriguez, Chris Eliopoulos, John Peters, Paul Smith, David Chelsea, Tom Hart, Sean McKeever, Dave Sim