Billy Joe Van Helsing: Redneck Vampire Hunter

    (Alpha, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Bill Kieffer and the respective artists

Okay, fans of Buffy and Anne Rice should definitely run for cover, and Bram Stoker has probably clawed his way out of his grave. But despite his stereotypical southern-boy looks and personality (yeah, he’s an ugly, belligerent idiot), main character Billy Joe definitely knows how to handle dangers of the undead variety. Often armed with only a wooden stake and an inconsistent accent, the latest (and hopefully last?) member of the Van Helsing clan has devoted his life to keeping the South safe from vampires and other demonic threats.

Writer Billy Kieffer, who described his comics-related education as “ten years worth of rejections from Marvel and DC,” uses every redneck pun and stereotype out there, while still managing to show Billy Joe’s ’ liberal’ side by pitting him against David Duke, a parodied version of a real-life reputed leader of the KKK.

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 Bill Kieffer, John MiglioreDonna Franklin, Joe Paradise, Tad Ghostal