Dames In The Atomic Age

    (Art of Fiction, 2012)

(from the publisher)

Follow private investigator Andrew Fisch into the underbelly of post-atomic Los Angeles where Science is king, and nothing is as it seems. A unique pulp tale filled with blonde bombshells, aliens, and rayguns that pays homage to the B-movies and crime magazines of yesteryear. Featuring art by Ragnar, Andy Suriano, Marc Sandroni, Rahsan Ekedal, Tone Rodriguez, Tony Fleecs, Mark Dos Santos, Chris Moreno, Mike Vosburg, and more!

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 Christopher RyderMarc Sandroni, Andy Suriano, Tony Fleecs, Tone Rodriguez, Mark Dos Santos, Steve Downer, Brad Rader, Rahsan Ekedal, Paul Little, Chris Moreno