Bobby Ruckers

    (Art, 1995)
©1995 Bebe Williams

Bebe Williams originally created this surrealistic photo-comic for the magazine “Performance Art Funnies.” It uses the unusual technique of combining photographs of various actors with drawn backgrounds and captions, producing an effect that is not quite fumetti, but very different than a traditional comic book.

Of course, Bobby Ruckers would have been different from a traditional comic book even if it had been drawn like one. The title character is a balding businessman whose super-powers include a never-empty wallet and who thinks nothing of taking dates out to dinner in a flying Cadillac. When a date makes the mistake of opening the window to escape Ruckers’ cigar smoke, she is sucked out into space where Ruckers has to employ his time-travel telephone to retroactively break the date and save her. Such surrealism continues in his other adventures, making this an engaging, yet slightly bizarre, reading experience.

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