Chosen (Dark Horse)

 CHDH   (Dark Horse, 2004-2005)

ô and © 2004 Mark Millar and Peter Gross

One of the more troubling verses in the Gospels is Luke 2:50. Thatís where Joseph and Mary say they donít understand what their son means when he refers to the Temple as His Fatherís house. After the annunciation, the visitation, and all the other miraculous circumstances surrounding His birth, how could they not?

Perhaps inadvertently, Chosen sheds some light on this Biblical quandary. Jodie Christianson (check the initials) is the Second Coming or reincarnation of Jesus. His parents also know what heís supposed to be; they just donít quite accept it yet.

This doesnít completely solve the question of Luke for us, since it says there that they didnít understand, not ďit was then that they believed.Ē But when was the last time a comic book lent itself to this kind of scholarly debate?

Most comics involving Jesus, aside from Christian comics, pride themselves on being cutting-edge. That usually translates into plot developments of a decidedly ungodly nature. Here is a comic book that manages to blaze new territory within religion without being overtly offensive.

Some people will always be offended by fictional portrayals of religion; here, at least, itís not Millarís intention to offend. (This is the reverse of Millarís The Unfunnies, whose entire reason for being seems to be to shock the reader.)

For those who fondly recall Charles Sailorís out-of-print novel The Second Son, this comic book addresses similar themes, including the protagonist surviving an accident without a scratch.

ó Jack Abramowitz

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