The Vagabonds

    (Alternative, 2003)
™ and ©2003 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 Josh Neufeld

Josh Neufield collaborates with a breadth of writers and inspirations—from his mother to comics titan Harvey Pekar to the Beatles. Most of the other co-creators aren’t comic writers by trade, giving Neufield room (presumably) to ply his skills and allow them the space to simply tell their story. Whatever the setup, the artist displays a versatile pen, flipping styles to fit each author. The subject matter is varied: some fantastic, some biographic, some speculative, illustrative, narrative… all of it is brief, but it’s pro-grade work, and neatly sequestered by theme.

— Brendan McGinley

From the Publisher:

The Vagabonds is an anthology of autobiographical tales with a twist. Author Josh Neufeld not only writes about his own experiences but also infuses his stories with observations about cultural and religious differences and global politics. The opening tale, “Tribal Rituals,” utilizes its Thailand locale to offer fresh perspectives on Buddhism. True to its title, the tales move from place to place as well as in time. One story is set in the ’80s, revealing Neufeld’s nerdy obsession with lists, statistics, and charts while the last tale is a personal account of the 9/11 tragedy.

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  Josh Neufeld, Peter Ross, Martha Rosler, Eileen Myles, Joyce Brabner, Harvey Pekar, Nick Fylnn, R. Walker, David Greenberger, Andrew RashkowJosh Neufeld