Sore Thumbs Election Special

 STE0   (Keenspot, 2004)

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This one’s just weird. Chris Crosby’s off–the–wall humor goes off on a political tangent in Sore Thumbs, a comic book about a large–chested anti–Bush girl named Cecania who takes over her nerdy Republican brother Fairbanks’s all–ages videogame store. Wackiness ensues.

This comic book’s not as surreal as Crosby’s Superosity, but it’s still strange. Cecania and Harmony concoct a plot to have Harmony get married to Fairbanks so the girls can own half the store. All Harmony has to do is mention the Defense of Marriage Act and Fairbanks will fall in love. Also, Cecania meets a young war veteran named Sawyer who was “dismembered” in Iraq, so to speak. He just happens to own a truckload of videogames donated to him by Internet comic–strip readers.

The art is manga–influenced, and Owen Gieni goes full–tilt with wacky expressions. Political humor and non–sequiturs make a good match: just ask the staff of The Daily Show. Fans of that style of humor will get a kick out of this.

— Steve Horton

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