Thunderbunny (1st Series)

 THU1   (Radio, 1984)

™ and ©1984 Martin L. Greim

Bobby Caswell loved comic books and dreamed some day of having “powers beyond those of mere mortal man.” While vacationing in Vermont, he saw a strange light on Bald Mountain and went to investigate. What he found was a spacecraft containing a box marked with some strange and some familiar symbols for energy. Placing his hands on the box revealed to his mind that a dying world chose to send the energy force of their greatest super-hero into space so that another world might benefit from their existence. So now whenever help is needed, young Bobby has but to clap his hands together and picture the image of Thunder Bunny in his mind, and he becomes that lost world’s hero.

Thunder Bunny began in Charlton Bullseye #6, and continued in Blue Ribbon Comics (Vol. 2) #13. This one-shot at Archie served as short-term housing for the wild rabbit before moving on to WaRP Graphics later in 1984

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