(Akbar, 1999)
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This is the successor to the erotica fanzine that T.L. Graf and her husband published for five issues in the mid-1990s. The previous effort died from a lack of contributions, but Graf decided to try again with the help of Limelight Press in 1999.

The new series, unfortunately, seems little more than a loose collection of rather standard manga fantasy and pinups. The best of the premiere issue’s efforts is “Metro” where Tora-Chan’s clean pencils add a touch of class to what otherwise is a by-the-numbers erotic fantasy of a boy trying to work up the nerve to talk to a girl he saw at the train station while at the same time picturing the two of them engaging in a lusty encounter.

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1st Appearance of Pizza GirlJeremy Lambros, Tora-ChanJeremy Lambros, Tora-Chan