The Green Hornet: Dark Tomorrow

    (Now, 1993)
ô and ©1993 The Green Hornet, Inc.

Dark Tomorrow is a three-issue mini-series about a futuristic Green Hornet. Like the previous Green Hornets, the new hero, known as Clayton, used his Green Hornet persona to create a false front, by acting like a criminal. These actions gain the respect of the underworld and allows the Hornet to destroy criminal organizations from within.

This Hornet, however, likes life at the top of the criminal ladder and creates his own lawless empire. He is reminded of his true mission after a virtual reality visit from his dead father, which renews his crimefighting thirst. As the Hornet begins anew, he is aided by a new Kato. Unlike the Green Hornet/Kato teams of old, this Green Hornet and Kato have switched personae. Kato is the American and the Green Hornet is Asian. The series chronicles the adventures of the pair as they try to undo all of the Hornetís mistakes.

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