Lost Dogs

    (Astray, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Jeff Lemire & Astray Press

The Sailor is a virtual giant whose entire life is his family. When he escorts his beloved wife and daughter to an excursion in the city by the sea, the sailor and his family are brutally attacked. The Sailor, thinking his family dead, is fished out of the ocean barely alive. He is soon accosted by a stranger who offers him the location of his living wife if he fights in an upcoming bare knuckle brawl. His opponent? The undefeated Walleye Thompson. Will the Sailor beat Thompson and be reunited with his wife? Or will he go down as just another loser with a cause?

Lost Dogs features art finished in loose paint strokes, reminiscent of the work of Paul Pope. The book is in grey tones, splashed with red for the stripes on the Sailor’s shirt and the blood of the dying. This is the story of a man who loses everything, but may manage to gain the world.

— Jerry Smith

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 Jeff LemireJeff Lemire

#1 (2nd printing)

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