Assassinate Hitler!

 ASSH   (NEC, 2002)

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Assassinate Hitler! purports to be the true tale of three attempts made on Hitler’s life by his own side. One attempt is the plan of a group of Wehrmacht officers, another is by a theology student, and the third is a plot by a cabinetmaker, all working independently. The first mini-series in NEC’s “Dark” line is an engaging tale. Since the reader knows that all three conspiracies are doomed to failure, one aspect of drama is lacking. (It’s the old “Superboy can’t die” plot limitation.) This drawback is sufficiently compensated for by the reader’s curiosity concerning how the plots will fail.

The story, by Ron Ledwell, is entertaining and at times even absorbing. The art, also by Ledwell, leaves much to be desired. The faces of the characters are not sufficiently distinguishable from one another. Even Hitler, who has one of the most visually identifiable appearances of any historical character, is only recognizable because of his mustache.

NEC produces many World War II-related comics, and Assassinate Hitler! is a sentiment to which many people will relate. But for a really topical comic book, Assassinate Bin Laden! would be the button to push.

— Jack Abramowitz

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Date: 1/1/2002
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Date: 4/1/2002
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