Spider-Man 2

    (Alligator, 2004)
ô and © 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc. & Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

A British annual chocked full of character profiles, puzzles, games and a very edited version the the Spider-Man 2 motion picture script. This is a book loaded with photos from the hit Marvel Comics/Columbia Pictures movie of 2004. Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man himself, is still using his powers to help people when they need it but itís eating into his study time in college, Mary Janeís acting career is progressing nicely and Harry is maintaining his dadís business by investing in promising research. A research accident funded by Oscorp grafts remote arms to Doctor Octavius who goes somewhat insane from their influence.

While a nice book for diehard fans, some of the more intense scenes of the movie as well as most of the ending are left to the readerís imagination. Or perhaps the writers of the story adaptation had hopes that readers will go see the movie after all the teasing from the annual.

ó Ron Black

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Annual #1 Hardcover

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Hardcover; ca. 2004