Champion Sports

    (DC, 1973-1974)
™ and ©1973 DC Comics, Inc.

Champion Sports was a short-lived sports series of the mid 1970s. During its three-issue run, it featured stories that ranged from the inspirational to the frankly unbelievable.

The latter included the tale of a boy who knocked his shoulder out of whack while trying out for a spot in the minor leagues. That injury somehow gifted him with incredible pitching ability, and a killer fastball that let him strike out the Oakland A’s. His moment in the sun was soon over, however, as an auto accident put him into the hospital where, “while fixing up other injuries,” the doctors decided to also take care of the shoulder that had slipped out of its socket. Without the trick arm, his pitching career was over…but then another injury, years later, left him with an arm that could hurl a football almost a hundred yards.

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