(A1 Oregon, 2002-2003)
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Zach is not your typical teenager. First of all, his DNA is comprised of both human and chameleon genes. This gives him not only the power to morph into any living being, but also to share a sort of psychic empathy with the person he is imitating. Funded by a wealthy benefactor, Zach and his three friends comprise the “Heroes Amongst Us.” Dedicated to improving the lives of teens through an internet chat room and non-violent means of resolution, these heroes help everyday kids with the trials and tribulations of bullies, abuse and other teen-induced angst. While the concept may sound corny and even a bit preachy, the series is ably drawn and passionately written.

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1st appearance of KameelmanT-BoneRon Randall, David Hahn

#1 Variation A

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Retailer PreviewT-BoneRon Randall, David Hahn


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