E-Man (5th Series)

    (Alpha, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Joe Staton

E-Man was brought back for a fifth time in this one-shot from Alpha. This time out, he comes face to face with (lowercase) e-Man, a.k.a. Eco-Man.

Eco-Man was once a hippie during the 1960s who, along with his fellow flower-children, decided to clean up a toxic waste dump. Just as they completed their task, they were ambushed by a group of bikers working for the toxic dumpers. The bikers murdered the hippies and buried their bodies alongside the waste. Twenty-seven years later, the chemicals—along with a freak lightning strike—resulted in a newly reborn Eco-Man struggling back to life, with fantastic powers to clean up the environment.

Eco-Man immediately sought out E-Man as a comrade in his ecological crusade, but E-Man would soon discover a dark side in his newfound friend…

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1st Appearance of Eco-Man; Origin of Eco-Man; Wraparound coverNikola Cuti, Ron FortierJoe Staton, Gary Kato