Greatest Stars of the NBA: Jason Kidd Cine-Manga

 GSOJ   (Tokyopop, 2005)

™ and © 2005 NBA Properties

TokyoPop presents another fumetti–style comic detailing the exploits of an NBA superstar; in this case, Nets guard (as of early 2005) Jason Kidd. As usual, our junior broadcasters Lil’ Hops and T–Minus operate out of “Uncle T’s basement” as they cover Garnett's early years (he won the Naismith Award as the best senior high school player in 1992 before starring at Cal), diagram some of his favorite techniques and show some of his greatest moments (such as his triple–double in his first NBA finals game in 2002). A list of trivia and important milestones fills out the book.

— Joe Trela

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 Jon FinkelMichael Paolilli, Tomás Montalvo-Lagos