Albino Spider of Dajette

 ASOD   (Verotik, 1997)

™ and © Verotik

Poor Dajette! She just wants to have sex like normal people, but unfortunately for her, most guys tend to freak when the breasts they’re ogling start looking back! Now, you’d think that having an extra set of eyeballs where her nipples should be would be enough for any sex-starved girl to deal with, but it’s the least of Dajette’s problems in this sensual thriller. The tears from her special eyes somehow transform a mysterious white spider into a grotesque human-spider hybrid, a creature whose sole purpose, so it claims, is to act out Dajette’s own dark subconscious desires, which means, of course, a rampage of rape and murder.

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2 copies available from $1.99
 Glenn DanzigWayne Robertson, Eric Canete, Danal Bryce, Jason Blood, Duke Mighten, Wing Bird, Berricci, Dan Vegas, Ame Koga


2 copies available from $2.99
 Glenn DanzigEric Canete

#1 Variation A

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Fan club editionGlenn DanzigEric Canete


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 Glenn DanzigEric Canete