Wild Thing

    (Marvel UK, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Marvel Comics UK, Ltd.

Strap on a headset, put on a special sensor glove, and users of virtual reality systems are ready to enter another, computer-generated world. Today these systems are quite simple, perhaps allowing the user to walk or fly through a computer-generated room. In the future—or at least, Wild Thing’s future—virtual reality (VR) simulations have become a popular alternative for life. The VR games have become so intense that many people have become literal addicts. When they tired of the regular games, there was always the hard stuff: black market programs that interacted with the user’s brain. Some games even kill.

Nikki Doyle was one of the worst. She needed a new game like drug users need a fix. But there was something more: Nikki had the ability to physically enter virtual reality worlds. It was not long before a government agency made a deal with her to infiltrate these VR dens— and even enter the games themselves—as Wild Thing.

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