(Eternity, 1987)
™ and ©1987 C.J. Henderson

Audrey Thrust is an exceptional woman, in every sense of the word. But in a male-dominated society, it’s only her physical attributes that count, and it’s hard for her and her fellow women—pilots, astronauts (like her), soldiers, and scientists—to get ahead. Such is life for Thrust until an invisible force moving towards the Earth killing all the men in its path compels the government to form an all-female team to fight it. Thus are born the “Outer Space Babes,” and though the nickname is given as an insult, the women accept it, and then go on to prove to the sexist men how much more than that they really are.

Captain Thrust, Lieutenant Snyder, Sgts. Callahan and Simpson, and Dr. Wong: together they won’t let any man keep them down anymore. Published in black-and-white by Eternity Comics.
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October, 1987
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C.J. HendersonUriel Antonio