Guerrilla War

 GUEW   (Dell, 1965-1966)

and 1966 Dell Publishing Co.

In 1965, it was still possible, and even somewhat daring, to do a traditional war comic featuring the ripped-from-the-headlines backdrop of the escalating war in Viet Nam. In Guerilla War, the courage, ingenuity, and incorruptible righteousness of the American military was pitted against the devious and satanic guile of the Viet Cong. Strike Force One, led by intrepid Lieutenant Duke, whose attitude resembles that of the character John Wayne played in The Green Berets, torches villages, interrogates craven prisoners, and shoots orange-skinned multitudes in the lush jungles. Seeing that the fight for sales was unwinnable, Dell pulled the out of Guerilla War (formerly Jungle War Stories) after three issues.

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