Sword of Sorcery

    (DC, 1973)

This was a title that had everything going for it. It had great artwork by the likes of Howard Chaykin and Neal Adams (the latter working under the moniker “The Crusty Bunkers”). Then-publisher Denny O’Neil did a fine job on the writing, with crisp, action-filled scripts.

Best of all, the subject matter was great, featuring comic adaptations of Fritz Leiber’s adventure tales starring Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. These were easily two of the best characters in the genre, with the figure of Fafhrd (a surprisingly charming barbarian) playing well against the clever thief Grey Mouser. Their adventures were equally balanced between swordfighting and quick thinking, a mix that years later would inspire the game sensation, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

This should have been the perfect adventure series, but it inexplicably lasted only five issues.

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6 copies available from $4.50
 Adapts Fritz Leiber’s short storyDenny O’Neil, Fritz LeiberHoward Chaykin, Neal Adams, Steve Mitchell


12 copies available from $3.75
 Adapts Fritz Leiber’s short story; Adapts Fritz Leiber’s Thieves’ HouseDenny O’Neil, Fritz LeiberHoward Chaykin


12 copies available from $5.25
 Fafhrd and The Gray MouserDenny O’NeilHoward Chaykin, Alan Weiss


9 copies available from $1.99
 Fafhrd and The Gray MouserDenny O’Neil, Fritz LeiberHoward Chaykin, Walt Simonson


8 copies available from $1.50
 Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser; Final IssueDenny O’Neil, Fritz Leiber, George Alec EffingerWalt Simonson, Al Milgrom, Jim Starlin

Book #1

No copies available
 Collects Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser #1-5; Includes Gray Mouser and Fafhrd stories; Published by Dark HorseDennis O’NeilHoward Chaykin