The Elvis Mandible

 ELVM   (Piranha, 1991)

™ Piranha Press, ©1990 Douglas Michael

When the King passed away, it was said that a strange imprint was found on the floor of the shag carpeting where last he lay. Experts believe that the mark was from his jaw—the source of all his greatness.

Some believe that a great conspiracy had arisen, and that Elvis’ body had been exhumed from Graceland and reburied—without the mandible! The mandible was then said to have circulated between the Mafia, the CIA, the KGB, and the inventor of Pachisi (Parchesi)…finally coming to rest in the hands of one Karl Joergins.

Karl, a graphic designer, was determined to find the great Karmic secrets of the Elvis Mandible. Doing so cost him his job and his sanity, but it is said that he finally found the cosmic door he had been looking for…a door which is unlocked by the mandible’s secret power!

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NN; One-shot; B&W; ca. 1991Douglas MichaelDouglas Michael