Carnal Comics: Brittany O’Connell

 CCBO   (Re-Visionary, 1996)

™ and ©1996 Re-Visionary Press

Each first issue of the Carnal Comics series begins with the origin of the actress in the business. Brittany O’Connell started out as a promising ice skater, but had the misfortune to start too late in life to go far enough. Undecided as to what aspect of science she should focus on in college, Brittany took a break from school and started exotic dancing. As a performer, she enjoyed the applause more than the money, and she was well paid in both ways. Encouraged, Brittany moved to California to become an adult film actress. Her dedication to her work and her willingness to try anything has gotten Brittany several AVN (Adult Video News) Award nominations.

Each true story is followed by a fantasy the actress shares. Brittany offers a tale of a gothic-style full-moon tryst between three magical creatures.

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AdultBrittany O’Connell, Jay Allen SanfordDennis Clark, Mike Sagara