Carnal Comics Presents Wicked Weapon: Official Film Adaptation

 CCPY   (Re-Visionary, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Wicked Pictures

This comic adapts the adult film “Wicked Weapon” starring Jenna Jameson. The story begins when the nefarious villainess Ice and her cohorts stole the mysterious Boscoff lunar crystal. Ice has now threatened to use the crystal to freeze the entire city unless a huge ransom is paid. Luckily, Jenna Jameson is there to save the day, using both her own electrical powers (which she gained when standing near a man struck by lightning) and her considerable sexual charms.

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No copies available
Drawn coverBrad Armstrong, Jay Allen SanfordKevin Breyfogle

#1 Variation A

No copies available
Photo cover; Adult; B&WBrad Armstrong, Jay Allen SanfordKevin Breyfogle

#1 Ashcan Edition

1 copy available for $22.99
Preview edition; AdultBrad Armstrong, Jay Allen SanfordKevin Breyfogle, Norm Breyfogle