Dragon Lines

    (Epic, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Peter Quinones and Ron Lim

Dragon Lines is a combination of Chinese mythology, magic, and science-fiction. It all takes place in the San Francisco of 2016. The Year of the Monkey, it is also a time for the resurgence of long-dormant energies. A man calling himself the Emperor of New China intends to use these mystic energies to destroy most of the world and set himself up as the ruler of what remains.

In his way stands the unlikely Li Chang, a theatrical performer who has been performing the part of the Monkey King for three years. Unbeknownst to Li, he has a deeper heritage—a heritage which is revealed to him when the Emperor’s minions attempt to steal several ancient artifacts from his show. Li Chang is Sun Wu’Kong—the Monkey King. A mythological figure come-to-life, he’s the joker, the trickster, and the defender of the sacred Dragon Lines.

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