Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing

 DONT   (Marvel, 2008)

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Biochemist Ted Sallis and his team are on a mission: To recreate the serum that spawned the world’s first super-soldier. But like the swamp itself, there are dangers lurking beneath the surface. Ted’s partner Eric, his girlfriend Ellen, the government, terrorists - everyone wants what Ted has, but what Ted doesn’t realize is that the swamp itself may want him! A radical re-imagining of the Man-Thing’s origin begins here, in a horror-tinged tale narrated by Digger, keeper of the Tower of Shadows!

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Origin of Man-ThingRoberto Aguirre-SacasaKano


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Death of Steve Duffy; Death of Martin Levy; Death of Tim Rock; Death of Blake SimsRoberto Aguirre-SacasaBrian Denham, Nick Percival


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Death of Diane Arlington; Death of Jacob KnollRoberto Aguirre-SacasaJavier Saltares, Nick Percival


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Final issueRoberto Aguirre-SacasaNic Klein, Nick Percival

Book #1

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Collects Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing #1–4; ca. 2008Roberto Aguirre-SacasaKano, Brian Denham, Javier Saltares, Nic Klein