Big Breasted Vampire Death

 BBVD   (Pickle, 2001)

™ and © Pickle Press

There’s something to be said for truth in labeling, and this one–shot does just that by living up to its straightforward title. Three brothers (Big Jim and the twins) are on their way to a country music show when they stumble upon a truck stop whose guests have all been slaughtered. The marks on their necks and copious amounts of blood suggest vampires, but these aren’t any ordinary vampires. No, they’re beautiful vampire women with names like “Cleave,” “Aierole,” and “Melonia,” names that also exemplify truth in labeling. Each vampire is preceded into the room by a tremendous pair of breasts which they’re only too happy to expose if it means softening up their victims (so to speak).

Fortunately, this very adult tale has somewhat of a sense of humor about itself, but its primary goal is to titillate rather than amuse. The 44–page book is published in black and white.

— Andy Richardson

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ca. 2001Nik HavertRenatus

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