The Airtight Garage

    (Epic, 1993)
™ Jean “Moebius” Giraud. ©1993 Starwatcher Graphics

The Airtight Garage is an asteroid built by a former Earthman who has since become a world-shaper. The man, Major Gruber, fell through a trans-time circle while fighting the war in Viet Nam. This transported him to a technologically advanced place called Randomearth SDX, where he met Lewis and Erik Carnellan. Eventually, these three would encounter Nagual, the Lord Creator of Worlds. They would become Nagual’s servants in the fight against the Bakalites, who sought to uncreate the universe.

Eventually, Erik defected to the side of the Bakalites and Major Gruber fled, stealing some of Nagual’s technology. With it, he created the Airtight Garage, itself the home of several “pocket universes” or “levels.” These levels ranged from the desert universe of the Third Level to the First Level, where the Major kept Nagual’s technology. As this four-part story begins, the Bakalites are seeking to invade the First Level. If they succeed, the universe may perish!
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July, 1993
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August, 1993
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September, 1993
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October, 1993
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