EBNN   (Crowquill, 1986-1987)

ô and © 1986 Crowquill
Now Comics takes over publishing at #3

Ebínn the Raven was found wandering in the desert wasteland with no food or water by his friend Jack the Rabbit. Recovering from his dehydrating trauma, Ebínn decides to dress like the Man With No Name and become a bounty hunter. With nothing but his six-gun, his wits, and a foot-long beak, Ebínn tracks and captures criminals who flee from the long arm of the law.

With a western tableau out of a Sergio Leone film and no humans in sight, Ebínn takes on such villains as Doctor Leo Phylum and Dirty Dingo Dawg, the meanest hombre this side of Doggy Daddy. This is pure anthropomorphic western, distinguished by sparse but effective animal artwork.

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