The Exhibitionist

 EXHI   (Eros, 1994)

™ and ©1994 Eros Comix

A gang of thieves holds up a bank. Most people scream, run, or cower in fear. And then there’s the Exhibitionist, who…takes off her clothes? It seems that sexual arousal gives her superpowers, enabling her to disarm and thwart the bankrobbers. Being naked, engaging in sexual fantasies…these are the things that enhance her state of arousal, giving the Exhibitionist strength and power. What’s more, she’s starting to become a hero to the other young women of the city, who begin performing exhibitionist acts of their own, whether it gives them superpowers or not.

This black-and-white series is published by Eros Comix. Written and drawn, and fairly well too, by Mikael Oskarsson.

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AdultMikael OskarssonMikael Oskarsson


Date: 8/1/1994
Cover Price: $2.75
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AdultMikael OskarssonMikael Oskarsson